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The South Park game gets to your Android soon


Do you remember the South Park series? Although in Spain has always been quite in the shade by its acid humor and vocabulary inappropriate for some cartoons that can cajole any innocent creature, in certain times and channels we could enjoy this entertaining series and its entertaining protagonists.

Unfortunately those years have passed, and to this day would be quite complex to see again on the air a series of this style. Fortunately, and to remember those times, Ubisoft workers have been pleased to begin the development of a version of the series boot adapted to the screen of our smartphone, called South Park: Phone Destroyer.

The story told in the game will be independent of other games from other platforms, so you should not worry if it is the first time you play a title in this saga. In what will resemble the other versions is that all the characters protagonists of the series will be available to be able to control them throughout history.

As for its mechanics, as we read in Android Authority, the game will have a fighting system based on cards and other collectibles that we can use. Of course, if we want to do with any of them we will have to go through the box.

And if to get some unlockables we have to pay … you can deduce – and deduce well – that the game will be totally free for download, something that Andro4all always praise. Unfortunately, the game is currently only available for download in some Nordic countries, so we will have to wait a while until it is available globally.

As extras and / or curiosities, note that the classic TV doublers have given voice to our beloved characters, so the final finish will be quite similar to the one found in the original series. Ah. And yes, you can kill Kenny.

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