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Carmageddon: Crashers Available for Android


Many of us are players, and we take every moment of the day to play a game, however short. Who has never played a racing game? We can say that it is one of the most famous categories.

If you are old school you will know Carmageddon, a game that appeared on Android a while ago. The history of this video game is a bit curious, since a few years ago was banned and censored in some countries, and is that it is not only about going at full speed with your vehicle, but getting the highest score by performing all kinds of acts Vandalism.

Carmageddon: Crashers, the most beastly car game

In this new delivery we will find differences from the previous version, and is that now we will see different modes of play and a different dynamic, since it is not as cruel as before. New vehicles and scenarios bring us closer to a racing game than to one of total destruction.

What is this time about? Playing the new Carmageddon: Crashers is very simple, we just have to make an impeccable exit, change gears at the exact moment and reach the finish line to destroy your rival.

That’s right, we run against our adversary with the goal of hitting and going champion. We can improve our cars little by little, yes, we already warned that there is a time when it will be very difficult to continue progress unless we spend money in the game.

However, your download is completely free and is now available on Google Play. It promises to be a game in which we will spend great moments, especially releasing all that adrenaline watching our rival running towards us.

We warn of another section, the size of the application, first of all you must be sure to have something more than 400 MB free in the mobile, otherwise you will not be able to play.

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